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Some time ago, I concluded that the gospel presentations which I had been privileged to learn in the past left me unsatisfied.

My understanding of and belief in the message of the Bible is that God is sovereign in all things. Even those who are serious students of scripture would not challenge that dogma. The problem is that often many who would affirm the “God is sovereign” statement, at the same time, would elevate man’s ability to determine his destiny to the same level as God’s sovereignty. While one might say of course I don’t ascribe to that, on the other hand would proclaim that man’s “free will” is the determining factor to his salvation or, at least, works together in a synergistic fashion with God’s will.

This mental calisthenics of whose will is dominate in the outcome of one’s destiny results in a gospel presentation that implies that one’s resolve to choose God’s Son as their Savior is equal in authority or even the determining factor in their salvation. I do not advocate this conclusion. In working through the accepted technique of using scripture to support one’s position on a topic of doctrine, the outcome often results in a conclusion reflecting a predetermined Christian theological position learned in the past. It is my conclusion that one must consider the whole of scripture through the help of the Holy Spirit to probe the mind of God regarding this issue.

From the stories of God’s calling of Abram through the twelve disciples, Paul of Tarsus, etc. it affirms that man is spiritually dead in his sin and God is not only the author of physical life but also the author of spiritual life. This is elucidated through the idea of being born from above or, born again. Jesus’ dialogue with Nicodemus in John 3 provides an illustration of the work of the Holy Spirit as a force under the control of an all-powerful God. The clues of who is in control of our destiny are undeniable. It is highly significant that our doctrinal statements communicate the undeniable fact that God alone is sovereign over the affairs of men, including his salvation. If my hope is in my ability to recognize that I’m a slave to sin and I need a savior, apart from God’s unique regeneration I’m doomed. I am conceived in sin (darkness), I am brought into the light only by the power of illumination by the Holy Spirit. My sinful will has no power to overcome the darkness.

When one sees the doctrine of salvation as being the pinnacle of God’s gift of grace, they read scripture differently. By that I mean when one reads the word “believe” they understand that to be describing one who has been given the gift of faith by the power of the Holy Spirit. The realization that I am justified solely and only through the birth, life and death of God’s Son, my Savior. Outside of God’s Holy Spirit opening my mind and heart to my lost and doomed state, I am powerless to reverse my lostness. I am blind until the power of God gives me sight to see. My spiritual self has not been awakened. I have not been born from above, aka, born again. In my flesh, I am God’s enemy. I cannot please Him. Only after my spiritual birth am I in a spiritual standing of righteousness through Jesus’ act justifying me before a Holy God. e.g., when God looks at me, He sees my Advocate Jesus, who presents me justified in God’s court. That administration of justice does not call for me to be declared innocent nor even my stamp of approval regarding Jesus’ advocacy of me to validate my positional justification. It is only after the point of my justification that I am in a position to approach a holy and perfect God.

I have observed when one believes that they choose their salvation the tendency is to start a gospel presentation from the notion that the person to whom one is speaking will understand what they are being told. This often results in starting a discussion with the need for a savior or, being saved or, repenting from one’s sin. All these positions presuppose a person who may be in a non-regenerate state of sin having the cognition to accept, in faith, the God of the Bible. I rely in an approach that allows a person to express the framework of their belief system in their own words so they acknowledge that on which they presently exercise faith, i.e. the basis for their decisions regarding the way they live their life.

As Sovereign over all created things, of which we humans are part, God seeks no counsel with anyone or anything regarding the determination of His kingdom and His subjects in any area of His creation. Often, the rub rests in man’s confusing communication of salvation vs. sanctification. Man’s will stands under and is subject to the will of God. The one thing God has determined not to do is to make the act of love a forced relationship. He does not restructure or bend man’s will into a controlled response of love back to his Creator. If that were so, it would not be love. God will direct a man’s path regardless of whether that man responds in love or rebellion in order to achieve His ultimate will. We can see this interaction between the Creator and His created beings throughout scripture. We see consistently that God chooses those whom He has preordained to reveal Jesus as their Savior. We see that man’s response in returning that love is inconsistent and flawed at best even in the midst of the revelation that we are a part of His beloved family. Faith is a gift from God, not of my will. God’s gift of faith becomes manifest in our lives when we choose to refrain from our fleshly responses (my will to follow that which is not glorifying to God) to the things of this world (walking by sight) and live our lives by our vision (walking by faith). When I see or commit actions contrary to the fruit of the Spirit I know, by faith, that is a manifestation of a spiritual battle. The non-regenerate man is a slave to his spiritual father the devil. Regenerate man has been bought out of slavery by the God who made him; the God who paid the required price for him.

In formulating my presentation of the gospel, I determined to bestow respect upon the person to whom I have the privilege of speaking by allowing their belief to be heard first. I begin with “What do you believe about your origin, purpose, meaning and destiny?” After listening to their response, I ask permission to share with them what I believe about that question. That is when I recite what I call “The Sixty Second Gospel”. I then ask them if that makes sense or if they have questions about what I said. If the listener is one of God’s family (whether they know it or not) they often respond in a fashion that reveals that reality even if they have not heard the gospel. If the listener is not one of God’s children, their reaction to what I have said often reflects an unbelief or even antagonism toward my testimony. I do not say this as an absolute. I acknowledge that in God’s perfect will, it may not be the time, nor place, nor circumstance of His choosing for the Holy Spirit to open that person’s eyes and mind to truth. It is not my intent to let a conversation become about the “color of the band aid on the gunshot wound”. It is about the patient’s life, not about an opinion regarding an ancillary matter. For example, if you have read this far and are concerned about pronouns, you run the risk of becoming side tracked in this spiritual battle.

I created this site as an encouragement to others in God’s family of like conviction to choose your message to proclaim the good news of our Savior, Lord, and King to those God brings across your path. If my presentation is helpful to you please feel free to use it or modify it to fit your persuasion. One of the most profound joys this side of heaven is to be in the presence of someone who experiences the awakening by the Holy Spirit to God’s gift of the future that awaits them. God’s allowing us to see Him build His kingdom for the glory of His Son and, as a bonanza, calling us to make disciples of His newly adopted sons and daughters of all ages is second only to the joy of our own adoption.


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By grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God alone,

A brother in Christ







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