The Sixty Second Gospel

God made the heavens and the earth and they were perfect
(Gen 1:31)

God made mankind in His image to enjoy fellowship through worship
(Gen 1:26-27, Deu 6:4-5, Mt 22:34-40)

Man chose to rebel against God’s perfect plan
(Gen 6:5-6)

God condemned man to eternal separation from Him
(Mt 22:11-14, Mt 23:13-15, Mt 23:33)

But, God’s love for His creation resulted in Him coming to earth in the form of a man to pay the price for our rebellion
(1Tim 1:15, Heb 2:17, 1Jn 2:2, 1Jn 4:10)

Anyone, and everyone, who knows Jesus paid the price for their rebellion has the opportunity to be restored to fellowship and will enjoy eternity with Him
(Jn 3:1-8, Jn 3:16-17)








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